Our Story


When Roger Bassett started the store in 1983, he was using a tabletop oven to roast the turkeys.  And the only thing on the menu was a roasted turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato. The menu grew as customers’ requests grew.  Though the “Original” is still the first item on the menu, now the hand-carved roasted turkey makes its way onto a full selection of sandwiches and Thanksgiving-style platters. In 2020 he developed a number of Family Dinner-to-Go and Delivery offerings for Local and National Customers


What are your hours? We are open 9:00am-6:00pm everyday. Except Major US Holidays

Can I call to place an order? NO, Please use the Order Online Tab to place all orders

Do I have to pre-order for the Holidays? YES Please, If you want to ensure your order will be ready

What is the last day I can order? The Sunday before the Holiday. Sooner the better, while supplies last

Are you open on the day of the Holiday? NO! All orders need to be picked up the day before by 4pm

Do you have Fried Turkey? No, only our famous roasted turkey

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